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Woman resting on a cardboard box, thinking about what she should do

Items that require professional help for a smooth relocation

You’ve been planning this for months. All the details have been taken care of; all the wrinkles are ironed out. It’s time to move and embark on a new adventure. You walk through the living room of your soon-to-be ex-home, zigzagging around strategically placed empty boxes while twirling a half-empty marker in your hand. Every carton […]

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A woman siting among moving boxes

Benefits of hiring professional packers

Packing seems easy, right? Well, it is a misconception many people have. Hiring professional packers may seem redundant to many, but it is an essential part of every relocation, and for many moves, packing is not so simple. Therefore, we will explore how you will benefit from having professional pack your belongings. Who hires professional […]

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A businessman thinking about how to invest in Cape Town commercial property.

Reasons to invest in Cape Town commercial property

One of the most important aspects of investing in commercial property is good timing. Since the market situation is experiencing certain turbulences, not only in Cape Town but also in other countries worldwide, this becomes even more important. In general, you want to ensure you are getting the right value for money and secure ROI […]

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Woman wearing glasses sitting at a desk in front of a computer and smiling.

How to recognize fake moving reviews and protect yourself from fraud

Moving to a new home is considered one of the most stressful events in life. There are so many things you can worry over and stress-out about that it’s easy to drive yourself insane thinking about all that could go wrong. As with any human activity, some people will try to scam you during your […]

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A bunch of suitcases ready to be packed for an international move.

Household Packing Tips – How to Pack for an International Move

There’s a lot that you need to learn before you embark on an exciting, albeit stressful, journey of international relocation. Not knowing how to go through one of the main parts of moving can seriously set you back. This is why it’s best to research everything that you can and be well prepared. One of […]

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What foreigners need to know when buying a property in South Africa

What foreigners need to know when buying a property in South Africa What foreigners need to know when buying a property in South Africa  After visiting South Africa, many foreign visitors fall in love with the country and its people. As a matter of fact, some of them love it that much that they want […]

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Cape Town’s Most Trendy Neighborhoods

Cape Town’s Most Trendy Neighborhoods Cape Town’s most trendy neighborhoods Over the course of the previous couple of decades, the evolution of Cape Town has been a truly marvelous thing. The city has become something of a cultural hub in the region; one that’s constantly made better with many artists, designers, small business owners, and […]

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Relocating from Cape Town to Thabazimbi as a Pensioner

Relocating from Cape Town to Thabazimbi as a Pensioner Moving from one location to another requires both time and effort. One major aspect to consider when planning to relocate is travel time and travel distance. Sometimes an individual will have to move from let’s say Cape Town to Thabazimbi. The entire journey just to drive […]

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