Cape Town’s Most Trendy Neighborhoods

Cape Town’s Most Trendy Neighborhoods

A view of downtown Cape Town, representing some of Cape Town's most trendy neighborhoods.
Cape Town’s most trendy neighborhoods

Over the course of the previous couple of decades, the evolution of Cape Town has been a truly marvelous thing. The city has become something of a cultural hub in the region; one that’s constantly made better with many artists, designers, small business owners, and other creative and productive individuals. That also means one thing — Cape Town is not short on interesting places to visit and live in. With that in mind, we’ll take a look at some of Cape Town’s most trendy neighborhoods right here!


The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is definitely one of the most often-touted attractions people visit in the city. It’s also one of Cape Town’s most trendy neighborhoods, and with good reason. To begin with, the shopping center named Victoria Wharf is simply heaven for people who love brand-specific shopping. When people look for neighborhoods to move to in Cape Town and go to places like the Master Moving Guide for advice, they often find that this is where expats feel the most at home.

Apart from world-renowned brands like H&M or Gucci, you can also find plenty of Africa-specific design stores, giving you some of that rich cultural experience. Also, the nearby food markets are glorious sources for exquisite street food; as well as plenty of local fashion, interesting crafts, and other examples of local design.

If all of this wasn’t quite enough, you should know that the Waterfront is home to a bustling events calendar. Indeed, there are all sorts of workshops, live shows, and intriguing exhibitions to attend here. For tourists, it’s also an excellent area because it harbors some of the best hotels in the city — an important feature apart from its cultural attractions.


Formerly referred to as the Malay Quarter, this historical neighborhood is one of the most long-standing areas of this great city. It’s recognizable by its many houses with bright colors and flat roofs — and it’s also where the Muslim community of Cape Town stems from. These days, it’s definitely one of Cape Town’s most trendy neighborhoods. If you’re a believer of Islam or just interested in the religion and culture, this is the place to move to or visit.

A Bo-Kaap home colored in bright pink and green. Cape Town's Most Trendy Neighborhoods
Bo-Kaap’s brightly colored houses are a world-renowned attraction!

You’ll find that the area is certainly not short on attractions, including mosques that date back centuries. Apart from great museums and historical locations, this neighborhood also offers restaurants that specialize in local cuisine. The water-facing side of the area has a style of architecture that hasn’t changed for more than three centuries, but still manages to offer modern amenities like shopping malls and restaurants.

Sea Point

Many people who search for Cape Town’s most trendy neighborhoods don’t just look for places they’d visit as tourists. If you’re looking for a place to relocate to, for instance, there are plenty of factors that you have to take into account. Besides going to an area that’s trendy and interesting, you also want it to be safe. And that’s even without mentioning the practicalities of moving, like being able to have professionals around to handle unwieldy pieces and fragile items.

If you’re looking for all of these amenities and a neighborhood that’s still interesting — Sea Point fits your bill perfectly. Besides providing a picturesque view of the bay, the shoreline that spans a dozen kilometers is also an excellent attraction for families. There are facilities for bike renting, as well as well-maintained swimming pools and play parks.

And when it comes to adult amenities, Sea Point is no slouch either. There are many trendy restaurants found near the high-rise blocks where you can have the tastiest lunch in the whole city.

Camps Bay

When it comes to famous neighborhoods and suburbs, there’s really no competition for Camps Bay. World-renowned for its gorgeous lines of palm trees near the beach, it’s where the wealthiest citizens of Cape Town choose to live. If you can afford a mansion that costs a million dollars and want to see the Atlantic right outside — Camps Bay is the order of the day.

A view of the Cape Town shoreline during dusk. Cape Town's Most Trendy Neighborhoods
A sunset in Cape Town is always memorable!

But even if you’re not among the rich and famous, this is one of the most trendy neighborhoods in the town still. The mix of beach bars, hotels, shops, and eateries found here is truly eclectic. Plus, many of them turn into the hottest night clubs come sundown.


If you’re looking for a suburb that’s more “inner-city” than Camps Bay, Gardens should be at the top of your list. Regardless of when you visit this area, you’ll always find it abuzz with activity. If pubs and restaurants are your thing, you’ll find more than plenty of interesting ones around here. Or, if you’re after some shopping — Gardens have amenities for that too.

Cape Town viewed from above. Cape Town's Most Trendy Neighborhoods
The area has plenty of gorgeous vistas!

Finally, the place has a lot to offer in the cultural sense as well. Apart from modern art galleries, Gardens is also home to the first cinema in the entirety of South Africa – definitely a must-visit for cinephiles.

Hout Bay

We’ll top this list off with Hout Bay — a seaside town with an intriguing heritage, a unique location, and a lot of natural splendor. It has a working harbor to this day, next to an emporium with curious shops and plenty of authentic seafood restaurants. If you visit the place on a weekend, you’ll find it a splendid source of local music performances, crafted goods, and street food.

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