Creative Packing Supplies You May Already Have

Moving is pretty stressful and, as everybody knows, requires a lot of money. Packing supplies themselves, which are crucial, will not only consume time and energy to find but can cost you a small fortune as well. But why spend money on something you can easily find at your house? Be sure that you already have most of the materials for safe packing in your household at the moment. You see and use these items on an everyday basis, but it might have never crossed your mind to use them for something else. But don’t worry! Here is a list of creative packing supplies that will hopefully help you save money and pack all your things efficiently.

A person packing for moving

Decluttering your home 

Assuming that you have already decluttered your home and got rid of everything that will bother you, it is time to think thoroughly about the organization of your packing. Start at least two weeks earlier, so you have enough time. Firstly, divide all your belongings by least used and most used. Start gradually packing the least used ones first, and then work your way up to the most used ones closer to the moving date. Keep in mind that unpacking will take a few days at least, so you have to make a “first-day box” containing all of your most important stuff. Put aside your valuable possessions like art and electronics that can be damaged during the relocation and use professional packing supplies rather than DIY ones. Everything else, you can pack using creative packing supplies that you find at home and save money doing so.

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Cardboard boxes

The most important supplies are the boxes. Instead of spending money buying them, try to find them in your local store or ask your neighbor to give lend you some. Not having to buy boxes will help you reduce moving costs and make it more affordable. You will need a lot of them, ten for every room in your house, maybe more. Simple cardboard boxes will do the job perfectly. Just make sure they are strong enough. To be able to carry them, you will need handles. You can make them easily by cutting holes on the sides of the box in a triangle or rectangle shape. Mark the top side of each box or divide them by color for each room in your house. That way, anybody who comes to your help will be able to, with ease, determine how or where they should put any given box.

A girl sitting in front of cardboard boxes

Trash bags and rubber bands

Every household has at least a couple of plastic trash bags. You can make them useful during your relocation, so it’s a complete must-have supply. Wrap your clothes into trash bags and prevent them from getting dirty. This can be effective even before the moving day. Put your clothes on hangers and wrap them in plastic bags. This way, you will keep everything clean, and they won’t get in the way while you pack other items. When the time comes for unpacking, all you have to do is take the trash bags off of the clothes, and everything will be in its place. It is the simplest way of taking care of your closet while moving. You can make extra space by making vacuum bags out of a trash bag as well. Just suck out air from bags and close them with rubber bands as soon as you can.

A girl and a child packing dishes

Creative packing supplies in the kitchen

Keeping preventing your dishes from breaking can be the most difficult thing while packing. A creative packing supply that can help with this is parchment paper. You will surely find it in the kitchen. All you need to do is put a layer of parchment paper between the plates so it can reduce all the possible damage. Using saran wrap, sheathe your silver wear, so it doesn’t go all over the place. If they are already in an organizer, don’t bother taking them out. Instead, keep everything in its place and wrap them to keep everything secure. Sharp utensils like knives, you can put inside something soft like an oven mitt, so everything remains undamaged. Use large dishes for storing items in them. Big pots can contain all sorts of tiny things, and when you put the lid over them, there is no chance anything will fall out of place.

Creative packing supplies instead of bubble wrap

As we mentioned before, you should use bubble wrap for particular items, ones that hold more value to you. In that case, it is worth investing money in helpful aid, like professionals at Best Long Distance Movers advise, and that will show you reliable information about the moving companies you should hire. But when it comes to other objects, use old newspapers, magazines, or gift wrapping paper. It doesn’t matter which one, since anything will do a great job protecting your belongings. You will get rid of junk paper you have around your house and, at the same time, create an excellent and creative packing supply. Use pillowcases and blankets to protect other items from crushing into each other. Put blankets carefully between objects, and place them into boxes. Put pillowcases on the top of the plates, glasses, mugs, or anything fragile and easily breakable.

Final words

With little ingenuity, you can make creative packing supplies yourself. You will be taking care of your budget as well, saving a lot of money that you can spend on something else. Packing, in general, doesn’t need to be something tiring. You can also make it fun if you include your friends or family; in the end, everything is more amusing when there are more people around. By focusing more on what you have, and less on what you don’t, you can make everyday objects useful. Yes, packing is something to be taken seriously, but thinking of inventive and original ways to sort your things cannot be dull. Be imaginative and use this list as a helpful guide for your clever ideas!

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