Load Confirmation Report

Please write your name above if you agree to the following. -Please let us know beforehand if there is any carry distance longer than 30m or flats above ground floor as that might have an extra charge -We use various size vehicles depending on the size of the job, if you are unsure of a truck restriction please speak to your body corporate or security at the main gate. Shuttle fees with a bakkie are applicable incase big trucks are not allowed. Times for arrival of the truck given as an estimate only, we will do our best to keep to the schedule given but please note that we are driving trucks and there are many variables that may influence our arrival times for example accidents on the roads which may influence the traffic, Stop & Go, truck restrictions not accounted for, clients having more items on the inventory list than indicated, weighbridges, bad weather etc. Thank you for taking the above into consideration when booking with Leopard Movers (Pty) Ltd :