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Moving Day Etiquette

Let’s take a guess and say you’ve been “monitoring” the calendar for quite some time now. With each week passing, you’re getting closer to the day your relocation will eventually take place. This might be your first moving ordeal. We can call this process an ordeal since it’s a pretty stressful thing being a part of it. Anyway, you might wonder how one should act on a moving day. How should you greet your movers? How much should you tip them? To answer both of these questions, and much more, feel free to check out this article. Everything you need to know about moving day etiquette you’ll find below. 

Make sure everything’s packed and ready

Unless you’re hiring professional packers to help you with this part. Movers like to see everything’s packed and ready to go. With packing, you should start way ahead of time. That’s one of the most important tips concerning packing essentials 101. First, you’ll pack all the things you don’t use on an everyday basis. Pack the essentials right before the dawn of the moving day arrives. That box should be the last one they put in the truck since it will be the first one you’ll want to open. That being said, you’ll also need to have everything labeled. If there are breakables in some of the boxes, movers will definitely want to know. 

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Wait, why should I hire movers in the first place?

There’s no need to mention that many things can go awry if you choose to relocate DIY. For example, you and the folks you’ve summoned to help you move in/out must be careful not to damage surfaces in your home. Whether it’s the home you’re leaving or the one you’re moving into, it is essential to prevent damage to floors and walls. By hiring professionals, you’re ensured nothing can go wrong. If something happens, let’s say your items get damaged during the process or go missing, the moving company is responsible for handling the reparation costs. 

A bonus tip

We’ll be quick. Wondering how to choose a reliable moving company that suits your needs perfectly? Feel free to visit this page.

Inform your soon-to-be ex-neighbors about the moving day

You’ll want to let your soon-to-be ex-neighbors know there will be a moving day extravaganza happening at your place. That’s certainly not the best way of saying it, but you get the point. Let them know you’ll be moving on a certain date ahead of time. Try not to block their walkway/driveway with the truck or your belongings. In other words: make sure they have road access. Also, your neighbors should know you’re moving out so they don’t get surprised by the commotion. You can inform them by hosting a farewell party. Don’t forget to tell your new neighbors, too. 

Be friendly towards the movers

This one goes without saying. Treating the movers you’ve hired in a friendly manner has no alternative. That way, you’ll ensure quality, stress-free atmosphere on your moving day. It’s a part of their job to act friendly towards their clients, and you should appreciate that by doing the same – being nice and supportive. Don’t hover over them like an inspector. If you label everything correctly, they’ll know how to handle your stuff in the best manner possible. They certainly don’t want to lose money paying you off for potential mishaps as a company. Also, their reputation’s at stake. So, be friendly and relaxed, and make sure you’re there if they need anything.

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Offer refreshments to your movers

Imagine the moving day arrives, and it’s scorching. Put yourself in the shoes of your movers. This gesture is almost a necessity. We all know hard physical work on a summer day isn’t the most pleasant thing you could do. It’s nowhere near it, actually! So, make sure you’ve got bottles of water ready or whatever you think the movers will appreciate. One can imagine they could get hungry, too, if the whole thing lasts for more than several hours. How about ordering some pizza? Anyway, the movers might not be in a position to accept the gesture because of the COVID19 measures, but they’ll undoubtedly value your effort. 

What about tipping?

This might just be the part you’re most interested in. How much do I tip the movers? Also, how do I tip them? We’ll tell you how it’s done. It’s a custom to tip the movers between 5 to 10% of the actual moving cost. Have the cash ready in envelopes and distribute the amount equally among the crew members. Avoid giving the whole amount to the person you see as their “leader”. Distribute the tips yourself! Feel free to go above the mentioned percentage if you notice your movers did a great job moving your antique furniture, for example.

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Offer your movers a place to rest 

This one’s an integral part of moving day etiquette. It’s good your movers have a place to rest during breaks, especially if the weather conditions are not on their side. A nice little shade in the backyard with a couple of chairs will do the trick. Also, make sure there’s enough toilet paper, paper towels, and soap in the bathroom. Try to create an atmosphere, so your movers feel like they’re home.

Write an online review once the service is over

Once the moving day ends and you’ve settled in your new home, it might be good to give your movers the final gesture of appreciation. Write an online review detailing how they’ve helped you handle the ordeal in the best possible manner. If that’s the truth, of course. We’re not suggesting you write fake positive reviews for a service you were not satisfied with. 

Final words

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this one. By knowing about moving day etiquette, you’ll avoid some common mistakes people make when moving.

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