7 Tips for Moving Out of Your Parents’ House

Ever since the first time they were grounded, most children dream of their future freedom and independence. After all, starting a life on your own is one of the most important milestones in life. So, if you have decided that moving out of your parents’ house is your next step, congratulations! Exciting times await! Here are seven tips on how to make this journey a positive experience and a good beginning of a remarkable new life.

A woman holding a house key

1.     Sit down with your parents and tell them your big news

No matter your reasons for leaving your parents’ home, it’s not a good idea to keep them out of the loop. Choose a time when there are no other distractions, like a TV show they like or visitors, and tell them about your plans. Be gentle because this may be hard on them. Let them pour their heart out if that will make them feel better. It would be nice to remind them that your leaving their house doesn’t mean you are done with them. You could suggest that you create a new ritual such as a Sunday family lunch or occasional weekend trips together. You may even point out that this is an excellent opportunity for them to have some privacy and freedom. Whatever your approach may be, remember they are the people who love you the most and give them time to process this.

2.     Moving out of your parents’ house will cost you, so review your finances

Even before you embrace the independence you are seeking, you must face the first adult issue – the money. Every decision related to leaving your parents’ home is linked to money. You will need to assess your finances. Evaluate whether your current income is enough to provide for a life without your parents’ financial help. If not, you must look for another job. Think of the jobs you are willing to take. Then, write a CV where you will list all your skills and personal values that make you a good candidate for it. Also, research the area where you would like to move. You need to know how much you can afford to pay the rent and what other living costs you will need to cover. Don’t forget that you will have to set aside some funds for the relocation. Note that this is not an item you should be skimp on as it could create problems for you. It truly is fantastic to have your freedom, but unfortunately, we can’t run away from the bills.

A person using a calculator to add up costs

3.     Plan your way into a stress-free transition

Someone once said that just because a decision makes you feel sad, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. Similarly, although moving out is stressful, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. The change you are making is a big one. Significant changes tend to be very stressful, but good planning can prevent this. Moving out of your folks’ house is quite a bit of work, so you better approach it in an organized way. Apart from making a good to-do list, don’t let this transition last too long – set a date. Deadlines exist for a reason; they make people more efficient, so set one for yourself. Finally, stick to your plan, and you will be fine.

4.     Decide where exactly your new life will continue

The exciting part about the adventure called leaving your mom and dad’s house is that now you can reinvent your life entirely. You have a chance now to change your environment, and the options are limitless. Your choice of the neighborhood you will move to depends on your lifestyle, and here are a few suggestions:

  • The big city that never gets old. If you are more of a fast-life person following trends, who loves to be present at all the posh events, choose a metropolis like Cape Town or Durban.
  • A small town with a soul. A slower pace of living may be more of your thing, yet not at the cost of boredom. Jeffreys Bay is a fantastic place. It is the capital of surfing, full of life but without overwhelming the peace-loving people.
  • Back to school. Moving out of your parents’ house can happen for educational reasons. Choose a university if you decide your freedom lies where the knowledge awaits. According to some renowned websites, the top 3 universities in South Africa are in Cape Town and  Johannesburg.
  • The same city, different place. There is always a comfortable option to stay in the same town with your parents. Having your place but not straying too far from friends and family is a good option for many. Give this one some thought as well.
Aerial view of Cape Town, one of the places to consider when moving out of your parents’ house

5.     A house or a flat? It’s time to get into the details

With finances reviewed and the town or a city chosen, the moment has come to look for a place. To save time, determine whether you prefer to relocate from your folks’ home to a flat or a house. You may even consult a real-estate agency about this one. Both choices have advantages and disadvantages; you must see which is right for you.

6.     Organize the move

And now comes the hard work. This step is something most people would like to avoid, but that is not an option. You can use the good old planning trick again to control the situation and make it more bearable. If you are on an extremely tight budget, recruit some friends to help you. Nevertheless, experts from zippyshelldmv.com suggest sticking to the professionals and saving yourself from unnecessary headaches. They also say you must explore your options to find the most affordable solution. Surely you will find an offer that will suit you and make moving out of your mom and dad’s a breeze.  

A man sealing a box with some duct tape

7.     Put the finishing touches to your new home

Finally, the part that is a favorite for many – furnishing your new place. Again, rely on your budget plan when shopping for furniture and accessories. Reassess things from your parents’ home that you are leaving – is there a piece of furniture they don’t need, but you do? Also, don’t rush with buying stuff, do some research first. The prices can vary significantly from items one store sells to the ones in the other not far away. Think of it as a treasure hunt that will bring you both good times and a gorgeous home. In the end, before you decide it is time to relocate, it is a good idea to clean your new home and start afresh.


Living with your parents can be nice and cozy, yet the freedom one feels when living independently is priceless. Moving out of your parents’ house is a bumpy ride, but the destination is worth it. Study our tips, and you will find they will help you reduce the stress of the situation and put you on the right track.

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