Cheap Moving Companies Cape Town


Almost everyone knows someone who’s had a terrible moving experience with Cheap Moving Companies Cape Town  who do not have a track. Whether it’s your work colleague, your ex, your mom, or your cousin or your friend, the story is almost the same. The unsuspecting soul googled “ local cheap moving companies near me” and booked with the first moving company that popped up. The quote was too good to be true, and wouldn’t you know — it was surely too good to be true.

Unfortunately, terrible Cheap Moving Companies Cape Town are out there and they are plenty of them. In fact, since there is no regulation in the South Moving moving industry, moving has become an easy way to make a dishonest buck. These moving companies prey on uninformed and desperate individuals who are trying to save money without thinking much about the value of their belongings.

Whether you are moving locally or moving across provinces, avoid your own moving horror story and equip yourself with the following information . Avoid Cheap Moving Companies Cape Town 

How to look for a Reliable Moving Company and spot a Cheap Moving Companies Cape Town

Here are some awesome methods to find a reasonable, professional,trustworthy and reliable moving company.
1. Ask friends, family and work colleagues who they have
used in the past. More than 90% Leopard Movers business
comes from word of mouth and referrals
2. Ask your agent for a referral.
3. Check for the removal companies’ reviews on Hellopeter,
Facebook and Google+
4. Look at Moving Scam’s list of approved movers in your

Cheap Moving Companies Cape Town
Cheap Moving Companies Cape Town

After you have compiled a list of reputable reputable removal companies, call or email around for quotes and go from there. Take your time and do your proper homework to avoid disappointments in the future.

How to Avoid a Mover Scam
Many people find it hard to spot a dishonest and shady moving company. Luckily, we have compiled a few important tips for you. NEVER trust a mover who:
1. Quotes 30-40% lower than other companies.
2. Seems too eager and almost desperate to get your
3. Asks about your budget then adjusts their estimate to fit
4. Has poor ratings on Hellopeter, Facebook and Google.
5. Has several complaints or isn’t registered company.

While this list is not exhaustive but any reputable moving company should pass all of these tests. So if any of the cheap moving companies you find don’t, cross them off and move on and avoid disappointments after your valuables have been damaged.

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