How to protect high-value items when moving?

How to protect high-value items when moving?

The moving process is an exhausting one, and the sheer number of tasks you must take care of before the moving day comes can easily overwhelm you. We are talking about the moving tasks that are definitely going to take up a lot of your time, like finding removal companies, notifying people of your relocation, transferring documents of importance, etc. In all that mess, it is easy to forget about some of the most important possessions you have in your home. Thus, don`t forget to ensure you protect high-value items when moving. Otherwise, upon the arrival at your new residence, you will be regretful, instead of being happy for this new chapter.

What do you consider to be valuable?

We could talk on and on about the process of protecting your valuables when moving. Truthfully, a lot of things can be valuable; it all depends on the individual. By definition, valuables are items that have high monetary value, such as expensive jewelry or famous artworks. Also, rare objects that are no longer manufactured, such as some collectibles, can usually be sold for a large sum of money.

On the other hand, every person is different. For some people, items that have sentimental value are more cherished than those that can bring them money. So, the first thing you need to do is decide what is important to you. Once you have cleared up which items you possess are valuable, it is time to move on to the next step and get started with the real work.

Moving — Which items hold special value for you?

Make an inventory of your items

A thorough and comprehensive list of your valuables is needed if you are to protect them when moving. If you rely solely on your memory, you could forget to go the extra mile for some of your items. Moreover, that list will be extremely useful once you arrive in your new home, and you want to unpack. Finally, this way, there will be a minuscule chance that you will lose any of your items, which is something you do not want to do.

Thus, arm yourself with a pen and paper, and start walking around the house. Once in a room, write down all the valuables you have there. Then, slowly work your way up to the rest of the house, until every room is checked out. 

Take special notes in order to protect high-value items when moving

When making your list, the best thing is to give it some time and write down some notes for each object. These notes will help you later on when you start packing and unpacking. Don`t worry, as this is much less complicated than it may sound!

  • Are any of your valuables large in size? If they are, you might need to disassemble them so they are easier to carry and move.
  • Do you have enough space in your new home for all of your items? If not, you might need to place your belongings in a safe storage facility for the time being.
  • Are any of those items small and valuable and need to be carried with you at all times during relocation?

Don`t save money on packing supplies

The word valuable says it all. Whether it is a family heirloom or something you bought yourself, your items are of extreme importance. Do you really want to save a few dollars and thus, endanger your high-value items? Even though it may not seem important to you now, the quality of your cardboard boxes could make or break your relocation.


The only way to protect high-value items when moving is by spending some money.

Properly secure the boxes

Unless you opt for the packing services the movers offer, you have to pack by yourself. It is very important that you do it correctly. The worst thing you can do when packing your valuables is just throwing them inside a box. Instead, take your time, and secure each box separately. Make sure every box is properly padded, which you can achieve by using different linens and protective packaging materials. Moreover, ensure there is no free space inside the box, as that will cause your items to jiggle during the transport. And, that is how items get damaged during relocation.

Dedicate a lot of attention to fragile items

Fragile items are where it all gets complicated. They are easily breakable, so you must think before you even decide to pack them by yourself. If you have too many of them, would it be better to hire professionals? The help you might need when moving to another country or city can include packing services. In particular, you don`t have to opt for the full package; you could just hire professionals to pack your fragile yet valuable items.

If you decide that professional help is not what you need, then you need to be very careful. Wrap every fragile item in a few layers of packing paper, and then carefully place them into the boxes.

Warning: don`t forget to label the box as fragile, otherwise, all of your hard work may have been in vain.


Never forget to label the moving box!

Protect high-value items when moving by getting insured

Finally, even if you do everything by the book, there is still a chance something might go wrong. For those situations, a good insurance policy is crucial. If you get good liability coverage, you can get peace of mind knowing that everything will be fine at the end of the day. Ask around and inform yourself about your options; you must make a carefully thought-out decision. 

If you happen to be moving any time soon – congratulations! This is going to be an exciting change in your daily routine. Remember, if you wish for everything to go smoothly, hiring removal companies is always a good idea. So, request a couple of quotes, compare them, and choose the one for you. After all, why worry about all the things that could go wrong when trying to protect high-value items when moving? Leave it to the pros, and just sit back and enjoy this experience!

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