Fun Facts About Cape Town

Are you looking for a new and exciting place to move your home to? Before you hire your reliable movers check out these fun facts about Cape Town. They could help you decide where you’d like to relocate.

Established in 1652 as a way station for ships sailing to India around the African continent, it quickly developed to become the premier city in the West Cape province. The first of the fun facts about Cape Town is that it’s one of the first cities to appear on the south part of the African continent and that’s why the locals call it the Mother City, implying that all other towns in the area are its children. The city has a rich history full of peril and incredible ways in which humans overcame it! It was established on the Cape of Good Hope which got its name because it brought a new way of trading with India. This name carries a different meaning, too. Namely, it was extremely hard to dock there in those times, so the sailors would hope and pray their ships didn’t run onto hidden reefs and shallows which would leave them destitute and far away from their homes.

Beneath the mountain

The most characteristic thing about this South African town is that it’s situated beneath the Table Mountain. This is a flat topped mountain overlooking Cape Town and it got its name because of its characteristic appearance which reminds people looking upon it of a table. One of the most interesting things about this mountain is that its highest flats (what would usually be called peaks) have very imaginative names such as Devil’s Peak or Lion’s Head.

In addition to this, the mountain is considered one of the most romantic places in Africa, as approximately two couples get married there every month. This is most likely because of the wonderful views it offers over the bay.


One of the most iconic landscapes in the world can be found above Cape Town.


Cape Town is the home to Table Mountain National Park which boasts more plant species than New Zealand. Also, in this park and the surrounding area, you can find around seven thousand endemic plant species. This means they can’t be found anywhere else in the world but here.

Table Mountain has more unique flowers than the entire continent.

Cape Point

Cape Point or the Cape of Good Hope had a dangerous history full of peril and incredible human conquest. Luckily, because of the advancement of technology and transportation methods, this cape isn’t dangerous for sailors anymore, but quite the opposite actually. This is becoming one of the most popular places for adventurers and businessmen alike. Cape Town is sometimes called the Tavern of the Seas because it has one of the busiest ports in the entire world. This city has really gone far from its almost mythical notoriety.


Should you move to Cape Town this year

The Tavern of the Seas!


Penguins (yes, really) and whales

In addition to commercial vessels, Cape Point draws sailboat enthusiasts from all over the world, as it offers some of the best conditions to enjoy this sport. Also, there are numerous beaches in the city’s proximity which draw a lot of tourists throughout the year. Most of these don’t come for a swim (but you can swim here if you want to), they come to see one of the rarest sights in the world and one of the least known fun facts about Cape Town. Namely, Boulders Beach offers something which is usually exclusive for the Antarctic. Penguins! Thousands of tourists flock here every year to see penguins in their natural habitat. Apart from this, if you visit this beach from May to September, you’re likely to see whales as well.

Animals hard to find anywhere else besides the Antarctic.


All of this can make a person want to move here and enjoy these sights on a daily basis. So, if you’re relocating here to enjoy your view of the penguins and majestic beaches, make sure you prepare a good moving budget. You should always calculate the cost of your move in advance when moving to a new home. It will help you get a better idea of how much money you’ll need to relocate.

High end town

Cape Town is considered the city of vacation houses because it has so many high end properties. This town is the foremost city of the continent from this aspect. Apart from this, Cape Town is constantly developing because of foreign and domestic investments. Buildings are sprouting all over the town on a yearly basis. This is why the Mother City is an excellent place to relocate your business to.

Equality for all

One of the rarely known facts about Cape Town is that it’s the home of equality and the most tolerant city in Africa. It boasts large communities of peoples from all parts of the world, of all religious and sexual orientations. Basically, everyone is welcome and accepted which makes this the perfect town!


Once you’re done looking at these fun facts about Cape Town, you’ll know whether or not this city is the perfect one for you. If you decide you want to give it a shot, we suggest you move here. Africa is a continent which grows on you and this is especially true for Cape Town. You’ll find yourself welcome here, no matter your upbringing and creed, and this is just one of the reasons people instantly fall in love with this town. With such a city as an option, it’s not a surprise so many people are moving out of Canada and all other parts of the world to live here.




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