Moving Scams and how to prevent them


Moving Scams and how to prevent them

Moving Scams

Moving is an overwhelming experience. It’s so emotionally and physically exhausting that it proves to be too much for some people. This is perfectly understandable since moving is a difficult process and it’s hard to do it while living your daily lives. That’s why people hire movers. Hiring professionals to take care of your relocation is the safest bet for a stress-free move. Unfortunately, this is also why there are more and more moving scams. Follow our tips to help you avoid being a victim of a moving scam.

What are moving scams?

For example, a moving scam occurs when a fraudulent moving company holds your belongings hostage and asks for additional money to deliver them to your new home. Or, when your movers disappear with your belongings on moving day. Luckily, by following our moving tips, you can easily avoid these frauds!

Plan ahead and prepare well

The key to every good move is proper planning. But, why is this especially important when you’re trying to prevent falling for moving scams? Well, first of all, if you take enough time to prepare your move, you’ll have enough time to research your moving company. And this is very important when you’re looking for reliable movers.

Start by making a list of potential moving companies. This list should consist of no less than ten companies to start with. You should research each of them and call their offices. A good way to detect scammers is to visit the offices if you can. However, this is usually difficult to achieve, since the reason people hire movers in the first place is to give them more time to handle the relocation. Another advantage of planning your relocation early is that you’ll be able to get the moving day which suits you best! Your movers are more likely to have an opening in their schedule if you call some time in advanceMoving Scams

Make a list of companies you’re planning to hire.

How to choose a reliable moving company

Researching ten moving companies sounds like a lot of work. Luckily, you won’t need to research them all in detail! Filter all the potential hires until you get a list of three best looking candidates. Consider these things when you’re doing a preliminary check on your movers.

  • References – getting references for a moving company from someone you know is always the best way to avoid moving scams. Ask your friends and colleagues if they’ve moved recently and which company they used.
  • Experience – as in any situation, you’ll want experienced professionals on the job. If you’re paying for their services, you’ll want them to know what they’re doing.
  • Services – many reliable moving companies offer a variety of services. They offer packing services, long distance relocations or moving special items. This way you can perfectly adapt your move to your needs. However, this isn’t a perfect way to tell if a company is trustworthy since there are a lot of reliable movers who don’t offer a lot of services.
  • Reviews – customer opinions and their satisfaction go a long way when finding reliable movers. They are available online.Moving Scams

Do your research well before you hire your movers.


Find a company which can offer the best services to you. Whether it’s packing, loading or transporting, make sure you call the movers you need for the job. Some companies offer different types of moving plans to fit each of their clients’ needs.

In addition to this, location can affect your choice – you can hire reliable movers which are closest to you. For example, if you’re moving from Arizona, you can call Moving Buddies Tucson AZ to handle your moving needs. Also, if you’re moving to or from Cape Town, you can count on Leopard Movers to assist you with your relocation.

Realistic pricing

Would you buy a phone for $5? Of course not! You’d think that it would break really quickly or that it was stolen. It is similar with moving costs. If they seem too low, they’re usually moving scams.

This is why reliable moving companies offer to quote your moving costs before you hire them. You should always calculate the cost of your move in advance because it can also help you prepare your moving budget. You can get a free estimate from your movers, or you can ask your moving company for a binding estimate of the moving costs. In the latter case, your movers will estimate your moving costs and give you a quote which will be the final price of your relocation.

Moving isn’t super cheap but it also shouldn’t be very expensive. If it’s either of those, it could be a moving scam.

Moving Scams


If you choose a non-binding estimate, the cost of your move can vary a little from the quote your company gives you. Make sure your movers are reliable before you ask for a free estimate. Some scammers will give you a low cost and suddenly increase it when they’ve already packed your things.

Don’t pay a lot of money up front

Fraudulent movers sometimes ask their clients to pay large fees before the relocation. Don’t agree to such conditions. Reliable movers will offer you a free estimate of your moving costs and bill you after your relocation is finished.

Another thing you can do to avoid being a victim of moving scams is to carefully read your contract with your movers. Look for any hidden fees, extra costs or suspicious parts. Call in an attorney if you’re having trouble with understanding your contract. A reliable moving company won’t have any issues with that, while fraudulent movers will definitely avoid it. Furthermore, don’t sign any blank contracts with your movers. This is a sure way of getting scammed.

Don’t sign any suspicious contracts for they might be moving scams.

Moving Scams


Finally, if you want to avoid moving scams you can count on us! Leopard movers will guarantee the safety of your items when moving to or from Cape Town. Feel free to contact us for any questions you might have about relocation and recognizing moving scams.

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