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How to choose furniture for your new office

Hey, big shot! We can see you’ve got yourself a new office. Whoa, there’s lots of space for your employees to enjoy. Although, to be frank, the place does look rather empty. Of course, that’s because your office inventory is somewhere else. You haven’t moved it yet, right? Okay, there’s no need to worry. You can still make the best out of it. This might be the right time for you to get new office furniture, don’t you think? If your answer is: yes, undoubtedly, this article is written just for you. We’ll show you how to choose furniture for your new office to freshen up your working grounds. Stay tuned for some helpful info.

Everybody loves change

Whether it’s the seasons coming and going, or new hair color, people love change every now and then. Also, everybody loves the sunshine, but that’s not what we’re going to talk about today. A place where everyone greets change with an unironical big smile is most certainly – the office. Your employees will love the idea of freshening up the place with some new furniture. Some people spend more time in the office than in their homes. It sounds a bit wacky, but it’s the truth. Straight from doing overtime, they hit the local joint for some happy-hour drinks. After that, they go to their apartment so that they could sleep off the next eight (if they’re lucky) or so hours. Okay, that’s a very imprecise picture, but you certainly know some people who spend too much time in and around the office. Doing an office makeover will undoubtedly please them the most. What to do with leftover office inventory? Ask professionals to take care of that with ease.

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Consult your employees

Before you buy new furniture, you should consult your employees. That way you’ll be sure they’ll be satisfied with your decision. Organize a meeting and see if you can present different styles you picked out in the process of choosing the best solution for your new office space. You can even vote if you value office democracy. Is there even such a thing? Office democracy? Okay, let’s say there is. Anyway, not only will your employees feel great because you’re freshening up their working space, but they’ll be delighted because they’re included in the decision-making process.

There’s no alternative to hiring pros

The title of this paragraph says it all. If you don’t have an experienced moving crew by your side to help you with the office relocation – you’re not doing something the way you’re supposed to. Although your employees like to be included, they certainly won’t want to do physical work. It’s good they’re around on the day, but professionals must handle all crucial work related to moving your office. By contacting an expert moving crew, you’ll ensure a smooth transition of your new office furniture. There’s practically no way going around this issue.

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Function over form

Ah, the famous question: form over function? Or the other way around? When buying new office inventory, the answer is simple: function beats form. Your new furniture has to satisfy the needs of your employees. No one cares if new chairs look ultra-modern, they must be comfortable and good for your employees’ health. Since an average office worker spends enormous amounts of time sitting, they must have a chair that can’t damage their back. If you can find a great compromise between function and form, that’s great. Just make sure function is not the one losing in that case.

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Measure your new workspace

Don’t wait until the moving day to find out your furniture cannot come through your new building door or office entrance. You’d be amazed at how many business owners don’t take this into consideration. It’s not a large number, but still! Make sure you measure everything to the very last detail so that you don’t end up like some very unlucky entrepreneurs. Choose furniture that fits your new office space like a charm, sit back, relax and watch as your new office setting unravels before your very eyes.

Plan ahead – be organized

After you’ve selected the kind of furniture you want for your new office space, it’s time to create a plan. Buy a new notebook for the occasion, and write down a moving timeline. Being organized is the key to success, whatever you choose to do. Like you didn’t already know that, right? Anyway, it’s good if someone reminds you of necessities from time to time. Some of them you can easily forget.

How to choose furniture for your new office – a quick walkthrough

Okay, so we’ve reached the end of this article. Hopefully, it’ll help you choose furniture for your new office. Let’s do a quick walkthrough. Choosing furniture for your new office can be a challenging task. You need to consider everything. Firstly, talk to your employees and see what they think the best option is. Pick out a few ideas and see what they have to say. You can even organize voting. Also, when getting new furniture for the office, your employees’ health should be your top priority. In this situation – function beats form every time. Also, minimalize their involvement in the physical part of the relocation by hiring professional movers. Last but not least, measure your new office space so that you don’t end up drinking in the club of sad business owners.

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