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The Biggest Risks of DIY Moving

Moving on your own is very common. People choose this option due to the lack of information about the benefits of hiring professional movers and the risks of do-it-yourself moving. However, many of them regret choosing this moving scenario very soon. The regrets set in after finding out all about those risks the hard way. Luckily, you don’t need to be in this situation. Simply keep reading our guide if you plan on moving in the foreseeable future. These are the biggest risks of DIY moving – information that will help you be cautious and prepare better for the move, or change your mind and hire an experienced moving team.


Risking the safety of your items

Like with any other task, if you are doing things as a layman, you risk not doing it well enough. DIY packing is pretty risky for your items, even after watching several tutorials or reading all the best packing tips. Packing may seem pretty simple in theory, but when it comes to practice, it can bring several different issues. Out of all of your items, the most delicate ones are electronics with big screens, art, and similar fragile items. These get damaged very quickly and are very expensive to replace or repair. Also, different things require different packing techniques and supplies. And when you hire someone who has the skill, experience, and supplies – you decrease the risks of damage to the minimum.

Budget issues

In theory, DIY moves seem to be less expensive. After taking a quick look at rates of professional moving teams, you may give up and try to do this on your own. However, this scenario only seems more affordable at first. In the end, it’s how people end up making one of the most common moving mistakes. It can be a lot more expensive than hiring pros to help you out. Calculate all the costs of a DIY move and see if it’s worth risking your health and the condition of your items. Be sure to include the cost of the moving boxes and other packing supplies. Likewise, don’t forget to factor in fuel and fees for renting a truck, food for the road, etc. Furthermore, there’s a possibility of damaging some valuables that are not that easy (or even possible) to replace. Also, DIY moves often come with hidden costs. They can be easily avoided by hiring a reliable moving team with a transparent offer. 

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Risking your health

Moving house is not only about packing items into boxes. It’s about lifting and carrying those boxes, as well as heavy furniture, to the vehicle. After that, you will need to unload all of those boxes and take them to your new home. Unless you know the best lifting and carrying techniques, moving on your own can cost you a serious health issue. Most common moving injuries include strained back, knee injuries, broken hands, fingers, toes, and cuts and bruises. And if you ask some of your friends or family to help you out, you risk their health as well. Let the professionals do the hard work so you can avoid injuries when moving furniture, enjoy your new home happy and healthy, and if you are still set on a DIY move, at least check the techniques that can help you stay safe while moving your home. Preparation and valuable tools can help you avoid these injuries, so be sure to learn more about them before lifting all the heavy items.

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Stressful relocation

Increased stress is for sure one of the biggest dangers of DIY moving. You have to do everything on your own, and managing the whole moving process is always overwhelming. This leads to stressing out and potentially causing additional health issues. Trusting someone with your items while you do other moving tasks is a huge relief that makes a move much easier and enjoyable.

Damaging the home

If you’re inexperienced with relocations and carrying heavy items, you become a threat to your old and new homes. Dropping a sharp, heavy object can damage your floors, and there’s also the risk of damaging the walls. This is not good for both old and new houses. You don’t want to damage the old house for the new owners or your landlord. This can cause additional issues with them and prevent you from quickly moving to the new address. At the same time, you don’t need scratches and holes in your new home. It’s best to move into the house and enjoy it from the first day rather than doing repairs.

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Logistics challenges

Planning the route with all the logistics details can be overwhelming and cause you problems and stress. Maneuvering a big truck, finding suitable gas stations, and other details can get complicated, especially if you’re moving to one of the big cities such as Cape Town. If you don’t know the area well and this is the first time driving a truck – it’s easy to get confused and stressed out. That’s why it’s best to hire a team that is familiar with the area so that you can enjoy the fastest and easiest moving process.

After listing all the biggest risks of DIY moving, we can only conclude that it pays off to have someone to help you out. There’s a good reason why some moving teams have busy schedules and many satisfied customers. Their skills and experience are undoubtedly cost-effective. You will spend money, but you gain all the security and simplicity for your next move.

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