Having an interview with movers after learning about how to interview moving companies

Tips on How to Interview Moving Companies

Selecting a moving company can make your move a breeze or a nightmare. A bad moving company will ensure you remember the whole ordeal as a horrible time in your life. So, naturally, it is in your best interest to avoid that. To help you do just that, we have prepared tips on how to interview moving companies!

See if the company proves reliable

The first thing you need to know when preparing to interview moving companies is how to check their reliability. Namely, one of the most common moving mistakes is neglecting to ask your movers for references. And an interview allows you to avoid this pitfall! If the person you are meeting with evades giving you a way to contact their previous customers, or if the reviews on their site are abysmal, you probably want to avoid hiring them. It does not mean they are trying to scam you. But it might mean that they are not very good at their job. Or they might have had past troubles with customers.

How to avoid scams

There are far too many moving scams to be wary of, so you always need to look out for red flags that can help you spot them. The references will help. However, if they put in enough effort, that can still be staged. What cannot be lied about are the licenses required of movers. Any moving company that operates between states needs to have a license number issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation. And those who work within a state require a state license. Both should be featured prominently on the moving company’s website and can be easily checked. However, if they are not, and if the representative you are meeting refuses to provide them, they are trying to scam you.

Chatting with a moving company representative

Does the company have the experience you need?

The next step of learning how to interview moving companies is focusing on your needs. You want to find an experienced moving company that has dealt with a move similar to yours before. Now, if all you want is a quick relocation with just a lot of boxes to the other side of your hometown, you can skip. However, if you have items that are tricky to move or want to move to another state, the experience becomes a lot more critical. This is because moving something delicate like a piano or vintage furniture can easily damage those items. And an interstate move is a unique challenge that takes a lot of planning to pull off.

Are they willing to be flexible?

The next question is whether the moving company is willing to somewhat meet your demands. You might not have much free time, so you want your move done quickly. The moving company could send more workers and equipment, but it might be something they are unwilling to do since it cuts into the number of available teams. Similarly, your work shifts can be unusual and require the movers to work with you at odd hours, which could play badly with the moving company’s shifts and scheduling. Still, these are things vital for you as their client. If they refuse to help make things work for everyone, it’s better to look for a more understanding company.

Do they provide additional services?

You might need short-term storage options and are looking to find the best solution. If the moving company you are working with offers such services, it would be a perfect fit for your troubles! So, it’s essential to discuss this during the interview. They might also be willing to offer you a discount or help with moving things into and out of storage as part of your moving expenses. This is because such a move would ensure they make more profit and even guarantee some level of customer retention, especially if you decide to rent a storage unit from them.

Movers unloading boxes

Can they slot into your budget?

It is crucial to ensure that your moving expenses can slot into the budget you have drafted. You will have likely built such a budget around the purchase of your new home, which would, in turn, mean that you really cannot afford to chase after the absolute best services even if they are ludicrously expensive. Hiring a moving company with a mile-long list of recommendations and references means nothing if you need to practically bankrupt yourself! So, reasonably priced yet quality services are what you should aim for. Similarly, you always want to make sure any additional fees your move might incur are discussed upfront. Tricky items, difficult terrain, or lack of a proper driveway can increase the price. And you do not want to suddenly find out about that when the bill arrives.

Making a budget

Ask if the company uses subcontractors

When you interview moving companies, the final thing you need to check is whether they use subcontractors. This is not an uncommon practice when working with a huge and well-known moving company. Sometimes, they will have subcontractors in their employ when their teams are too busy, for particular areas in the city or country they have no representation with, or for specialty jobs. What’s tricky is that while they vouch for their ability to some extent, the subcontractors work for a completely different company. This means that even if the company you had approached ticks all your boxes, the subcontractors might not be as reliable, flexible, or experienced, which would necessitate looking into them separately.

Things to keep in mind

With the tips on how to interview moving companies firmly in mind, you should be able to find good movers. Remember to always be objective about your moving needs and the available budget!

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