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How To Work and Communicate with Your Movers

Relocation is a complicated business, so much so that even if you hire professional movers, you still need to communicate with them and help them ensure a safe and stress-free process. Of course, how much help your movers will need from you depends on the level of services you hire and other circumstances surrounding your move. Still, regardless of whether you hire a full moving service or a labor service to help you with the most challenging tasks, you will have to work and communicate with your movers if you want your relocation to complete successfully. Now, let’s take a look at what your moving company expects from you and how to provide them with proper assistance.

Communication with your movers starts as soon as you ask for their quote

Your communication with your moving company starts as soon as you contact them and ask for their quote. Most moving companies will allow you to request a moving quote online. However, you can also use a phone to call your movers and ask them to do an on-site estimate. Of course, requesting a moving quote online is easier and more time-efficient. Nevertheless, if you request an online estimate, you will have to provide your movers with much more information simply because they do not see your moving inventory. And you need to tell them exactly how many items you need to transport.  

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It is important to openly communicate with your movers right from the start

Prepare before you ask your movers for an estimate

If you want to ask for a moving quote online and get a precise estimate, you need to prepare first. This means that you need to prepare a moving inventory list that will contain all the items going into the moving truck and all other things that your movers will need to handle during the process. Preparing an inventory list does require some time, though. Luckily, you can use it later to determine the number of moving boxes you need to pack and check your items upon delivery. So it pays off to prepare one before you get in touch with your movers.

Communicate with your movers regarding their services

While still in the negotiation process, you need to tell your movers about the type of help you expect from them. Most moving companies are pretty flexible regarding their services and allow you to tailor them according to your individual needs. For example, if you want your movers to handle your entire move, you need to state that clearly. If you are planning to pack on your own, on the other hand, communicate with your movers. In that case, they will not be carrying packing materials or specific equipment, which will leave additional space in the moving truck.

Movers checking boxes
If you plan to let your movers pack your belongings, you need to tell them.

Warn your movers in advance if you have some items that require a special approach

If you own some especially heavy, bulky, or delicate items that need to be handled, your movers need to know about them in advance. For example, if you own a piano, your movers will need special tools, packing materials, and equipment to disassemble and move it properly. Moreover, maybe they have a person specialized in protecting high-value items during a move that needs to be on the moving team as well. Therefore, communicate with your movers and let them know how to prepare.

Talk to your movers regarding the schedule

One thing that is especially important to communicate with your movers is your schedule. You and your movers need to agree when it comes to their arrival as well as delivery. The start of your move depends on your agreement and your movers’ schedule. However, it mostly depends on your travel arrangements when it comes to delivery. Because it is particularly difficult to handle the delays when movers are late, you and your movers need to make a mutual schedule in advance.

A man pushing a dolly with boxes
Inform your movers regarding your plans

Work and communicate with your movers to ensure a swift and easy move

We said you need to work and communicate with your movers to ensure a smooth transition. And up until now, we have only mentioned the importance of communication. When it comes to work, however, do not worry. No one expects you to load a heavy sofa into a moving truck or something similar. No, the most demanding physical work is reserved for your professionals. However, there are a few simple things that you can do to make it easier for your movers, which will, of course, ultimately speed up your move and lower the usual risks that are common during the moving process.

  • Clear out the paths and walkways that your movers will use to reach the moving truck.
  • Treat your movers like guests and offer them a drink or a quick snack, especially if they are handling packing as well.
  • Provide them with access to the bathroom and running water. This is particularly important during a sensitive health situation.
  • Give your movers instructions regarding fragile, valuable, and delicate items that require special attention.

Not communicating with your movers is one of the most common moving mistakes

As you can see, even though moving companies are groups of highly skilled professionals, you still need to work and communicate with your movers. Failing to do so correctly is probably one of the most common moving mistakes, which will negatively affect the whole process.

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