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Items that require professional help for a smooth relocation

You’ve been planning this for months. All the details have been taken care of; all the wrinkles are ironed out. It’s time to move and embark on a new adventure. You walk through the living room of your soon-to-be ex-home, zigzagging around strategically placed empty boxes while twirling a half-empty marker in your hand. Every carton has been individually labeled; everything has its place, you are ready for a smooth relocation. You place the marker down, and just as your thoughts start to drift off, you hear the sound of your felt tip pen falling onto the floor. As you reach under the piano to pick it up, a shocking realization swoops through your head. The piano needs to be relocated too. You cannot put it in a box. You cannot just lift it up and carry it around. It appears the fact that there are some items that require professional help for a smooth relocation has slipped your mind.

Types of items that require professional help

When it comes to things such as blankets and slippers, you may not need professional movers, but what about that precious, fragile family heirloom, the one that’s been passed on from generation to generation? Unless you want to explain to your grandkids why grandfather’s clock has duct tape on it, take note of some of the items you should avoid trying to move by yourself:

  • Antiques
  • Voluminous/Heavy Items
  • Fragile
  • Gym Equipment
  • Plants

Before we continue, we should make a quick yet essential detour. Hiring the services of professionals does come with its risks. Even though most companies strive to provide the best services possible, there are less scrupulous firms and individuals out there that will try to take advantage of you. Therefore, you should inform yourself about how you can identify moving scams and understand how to prevent them. Arming yourself with this knowledge can save you from potential problems down the line.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each category of household item that requires the aid of professionals for safe relocation.


Some objects require a level of care that you can only get with professional assistance. They need special packaging and handling. They require experience. We all like to think that we know what is best for us and, by extension, our possessions. However, if you have never tried moving that ceramic vase further than from the kitchen table to the shelf, it might not be the wisest decision to try to move it from Cape Town to Kimberly on your own. You simply do not know what could go wrong. But guess who does? Professional movers. They have the needed equipment, knowledge, and expertise, not to mention protection coverage. In this case, your antiques are safer in someone else’s hands.

Still, it is understandable that sometimes doing something on your own may be the only viable option. Do not worry; you’re covered in this regard too. Just look at some suggestions about how you can protect high-value items when you are moving. The most important thing is that you have the needed knowledge to pursue the option that suits you most.

Voluminous/Heavy Objects

Bulky objects can be quite a handful. Bad pun aside, relocating them should be stress-free rather than back-breaking. There is a lot to consider here. It can take up a lot of time and energy.  We have all heard the phrase ‘lift with your legs, but theory and practice are not always the same.

There is also the tiny matter of storage. It stands to reason that you may need to place a particular heavier object in a secure place for a certain period. Remember that piano, the one that the mischievous marker was hiding under? You cannot simply take it to a storage unit and be done with it. It’s necessary to get your bulky instrument ready first. It needs cleaning, proper packaging materials, and, as we have seen, professional help to move safely from one point to another.

Man lifting a sofa, one of the items that require professional help for a smooth relocation


By their very nature, these household items are very sensitive. They require careful packing and special handling. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving down the road in Cape Town or to Durban – a pothole is a pothole. Whether the road is on the west or east coast, the damage done can be substantial if you haven’t taken proper precautions. Thus, ask skilled movers to pack your belongings. They will be up to the task at hand.

Stacked moving boxes that have been labeled 'fragile.'

Gym Equipment

Treadmills should be used for running, not as substitutes for weights. Bulky, awkward to carry, and above all, heavy, this is another item best left to someone who has the necessary experience. Acquiring the assistance of professionals to help you with these items is generally the right call.


Unlike the rest of the items on our list, these are living things. They require special care and attention. Furthermore, plants are affected by stress. Just ask my bonsai that shed most of its leaves when I had the audacity to move it from the bedroom to the kitchen that fateful summer day. A professional company can help you understand what plants can survive the move.

Costs of acquiring a professional’s help

It makes sense that one of the greatest drawbacks to getting the aid of professional moving services could be the cost. Seems reasonable, but more often than not, people do not know the actual figure. A good way to decide what items require professional assistance is by talking to the movers and asking for a quote. The answer may surprise you, and maybe you will be able to fit the relocation of that heavy king-sized bed into your budget after all!

Items that do not require professional help

Looking at the above list, it may seem like your whole household requires professional help to be shifted from one spot to another. Well, it’s all a matter of perspective. After all, what is one wardrobe compared to all the clothes you wear and keep in it? Let the experts grapple with the bulky wooden giant; you can take care of the apparel. There’s so much more of it anyway. Most things you can handle on your own. It is just a matter of taking a step back and deciding where a little extra help wouldn’t go amiss.

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At the end of the day, it’s your call

Whether we are moving all of our belongings or only relocating a few choice possessions, we can overlook the fact that this may require more energy and planning than we initially anticipated. Yes, it is possible to transfer that piano with the help of friends. Likewise, it’s possible to admire those markings on your new hardwood floor for many years to come. The question is, why not give yourself a break? You’ve worked hard; no need to always do everything on your own. Items that require professional help for a smooth relocation should get professional help. There is no shame in making this relocation as anxiety-free as possible. Change is an exciting part of life, but it comes with its hefty share of stress. Let the experts unload a part of it for you.

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